Tips From a Lawn Service on How to Care a New Sod

New Sod Care

You have a brand-new sod lawn now, right? You are now happier. Congratulations! You need to take good care of this new lawn so it can flourish in its new location if you want to maintain this feeling. To maintain a brand-new lawn, there are a few things to remember. For the best outcomes recommended by a reputable lawn service, stick to these recommendations.


Your main concern is watering. To prevent stress on the new turf, a new lawn will require a thorough soak when it is first installed. How to water will be greatly influenced by the weather and outdoor temperature. You will need to water more frequently to keep up with natural evaporation from the soil and turf as the temperature rises. While rain can help you with your watering responsibilities, remember that not all downpours are created equal. No amount of drizzle qualifies as properly watering your sod.


Sod has very short roots when it is first laid out. So that the roots don’t have to extend too far to reach it, you must maintain a water supply in the top inch or so of topsoil. How your roots develop and where they spread out to find water will depend on where you make water available. Most of the time, you want the water in the soil to be just out of reach, forcing the roots to dig a little deeper. However, if the water is too deep and inaccessible, the plants won’t be able to penetrate the dry soil with their roots and may perish.


You want to water less frequently as the grass grows. The soil dries out from the top down in warm weather. As a result, when the grassroots are very short, watering the lawn frequently is necessary to maintain constant moisture in the area closest to the surface. You want to water less frequently but for longer as the plants develop deeper roots. To access the water stored deeper in the soil, the grass will need to develop roots at least two inches deep.

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