What to Do When Your Lawn Mower Won’t Start: A Guide from Lawn Mower Service Professionals

Mow Your Lawn with Ease: A Comprehensive Guide to Fix Common Lawn Mower Problems

A well-maintained lawn adds to the beauty of your home, but maintaining it can be challenging, especially if your lawn mower is not working correctly. Lawn mower problems are a common issue faced by homeowners, but fixing them can be easier than you think. Continue reading to learn the most common lawn mower problems and how to fix them from a lawn mower service provider.

Lack of Maintenance: Preventive Care for Your Lawn Mower

Lawnmowers need regular maintenance to run efficiently, but it’s often overlooked. The lack of preventive maintenance is one of the most common reasons for lawn mower problems. Regular oil changes, air filter cleaning, and blade sharpening can help prevent many common issues.

Fuel System Problems: Dirty Fuel Filter or Clogged Carburetor?

A dirty fuel filter or clogged carburetor can cause engine problems, such as stalling or not starting. Regular cleaning of the carburetor and fuel filter replacement can prevent these issues.

Electrical Issues: Spark Plug Problems and Other Electrical Glitches

Electrical issues such as a faulty spark plug or broken wires can cause your lawn mower to malfunction. It’s important to check and replace spark plugs and inspect the electrical system regularly.

Blade Problems: Sharpening, Replacing, or Balancing Blades?

Dull, damaged, or unbalanced blades can cause uneven cuts or damage to your lawn mower. Regular blade maintenance, including sharpening, replacement, or balancing, can help prevent these problems.

Consumes Too Much Gas

Lawnmowers should not consume gas like a thirsty runner who has just completed a full marathon without a bottle of water. If yours does, the most likely cause is a clogged air filter. This forces your mower’s engine to work overtime, requiring it to consume extra gas in order to function normally. Simply clean your air filter completely or replace it if it is more than a year old.

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